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Richard Jay is an independent Film Producer, making movies, documentaries, TV commercials, music videos and even shorts.
I'm an 'Englishman abroad' living in the USA and working between London, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Twenty years as a Sound Technician on every type of media, has led to a large knowledge and experience of movie making in general and Production in particular.

The main pleasure of being a producer is working with writers, directors and others to fashion and hone the stories we are telling, whether at script stage, on the set or in the cutting room. An equally important part of the job is to get our films financed and distributed as widely as possible around the globe.

Tempering creativity and excitement with just the right amount of business sensibility, I'm well equipped to deliver the most exacting of projects within budget but without compromising on vision and flair.

I am both personable and professional; highly skilled at understanding and giving shape to projects and with an unparalleled ability for getting the best out of both cast and crew.

For your Production needs in Las Vegas, please contact my company: - we can help with every aspect of your filming requirements, be they large or small.

My most recent productions include:

Producer for: 'The Red Man', a SAG Feature Film ready for release in 2015.

Local Las Vegas Producer for: 'Donny Osmond' new album 'The Soundtrack of My Life', for European TV Launch.

Local Producer/Fixer for: 'None of the Above' , TV Pilot for National Geographic Channel.

Producer for Short film: 'Survey No. 257'

Full synopses and credits are available to view on my interactive C.V. where you'll find my entire media history covering tv and film; sound, vision and production.

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